Just a Guy & His Stickers


I'm Damon! Owner & Operator of Sticker Savages. Founded in late 2018 on my love for stickers & art, Sticker Savages sticker box was formed on Instagram to promote & showcase artists around the globe. From there, we have introduced our first product, a SAVAGE monthly subscription box! Each box contains 10 stickers every month, along with a postcard containing all the artists information. Our boxes are made with recycled cardboard, the filler is made with a recycled color paper, and we donate 10% of profits to emerging problems on earth, mainly pertaining to the environment.

BIG, BIG plans for Sticker Savages. Starting out of my parent's basement in Detroit, we are growing into a fully operational sticker empire! We moved into our warehouse on December 1st, almost a year after launching! From a shower thought to an exploding army of savages, my dream is coming true! Our 1500sq/ft warehouse in Texas will be used to produce all of the savage stickers we mail out, along with being a creative home to tons of future projects. Pierre Lucero came to paint a beautiful mural on the biggest wall in the HQ, check out a time-lapse of that below!

 I've always wanted to give back & help the earth and the life inhabiting it, which is why we are giving 10% of all profits to problems the earth is facing today! this will be unlike traditional donations where large companies will donate $X to a non-profit, write it off as a deduction & forget about it. I want to be hands on, going with the donation money to see directly how Sticker Savages & our customers are helping the planet! This money will go towards helping things such as the Amazon fires, hurricane relief, and other emergent problems that pop up as life goes on. We will be showcasing what good YOUR money is doing via our social medias, and hope to make a difference for the better. Subscribers will be able to vote what cause the money is going towards in certain situations. =]

All of the Best,